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Did you know that the first glucose meters were developed in 1962 at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital? And while this device enabled effective diabetes testing, it was a far cry from the state-of-the-art features of the Accu Chek Advantage Meter!

Today, the Accu Chek Advantage ranks among the industry’s leading glucose meters. Users of the Accu Chek Advantage appreciate its benefits, especially the convenience, comfort, accuracy, and reductions in pain. If you’re concerned about diabetes management, you should explore ADW Diabetes , the Internet’s leading destination for diabetic test strips, glucose monitors, and other products.

The Accu Chek Advantage Transforms Your Health

For diabetes testing, The Accu Chek Advantage represents a far more streamlined, pleasurable experience for blood testing and analysis. But this Accu Chek Advantage Meter offers much more than just a device for testing blood; think of it as an entire system for diabetes health. Let’s take a closer look:

Less Pain & Discomfort – Unlike typical diabetes testing, the Accu Chek Advantage involves far less pain. In fact, industry research suggests that the Accu Chek Advantage incorporates the least painful lancing (piercing) technology available. Not only is skin tearing eliminated, but personalized comfort is achieved for all skin types, with the custom Comfort Dial’s settings. The Accu Chek Advantage works together with the company’s diabetic test strips, which speeds up both the testing and analysis processes.

Increased Convenience – No bigger than a stopwatch, the Accu Chek Advantage system is small and lightweight. These glucose meters sport rubber side grips, as well. The Accu Chek Advantage never needs cleaning, and you can even touch the diabetic test strips that are used. And, the Accu Chek Advantage works with all other Accu Chek data management tools.

Increased Accuracy – The Accu Chek Advantage system’s built-in memory allows users to store up to 100 test results, including times and dates. You’ll also find that the Accu Chek Advantage features a snap-in code key, which simplifies calibration. Plus, these test results can be downloaded directly from your computer.

Choose ADW Diabetes for the Accu Chek Advantage

As you can see, the Accu Chek Advantage offers a whole new level of diabetes management. We invite you to purchase your Accu Chek Advantage system and other products on our website. Click on ADW Diabetes for the lowest prices around!

Accu Chek Advantage

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