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DexCom, Inc

    • Dexcom G6 Transmitter
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    • Dexcom G6 Transmitter Item #: EDSTTOR001

      The G6 Dexcom Transmitter works with the G6 Receiver and sensors to provide the user with the latest technology for CGM. Dexcom continues with their advancement of continuous glucose monitoring with the new G6 system.
    • Dexcom G6 Receiver
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    • Dexcom G6 Receiver Item #: EDSTKOR001

      The new Dexcom G6 receiver offers the latest technology that Dexcom has to offer. Get your glucose readings in easy to read and understand formats with the new Dexcom g6 continuous glucose monitoring system.
    • Dexcom G5 Scout Receiver Kit
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    • Dexcom G5 Scout Receiver Kit Item #: EDSTKSD001IM

      The Dexcom G5 Scout Receiver Kit, model # STKSD001IM, offers the latest technology available in continous glucose monitoring. CGM allows for accurate real-time blood glucose monitoring with the added ability to share the data with family, care givers, and doctors.
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