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Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) is a FDA-approved system that measures blood sugar levels in "real time throughout the day and night." By wearing a CGM you will have a better picture of what your blood sugars are doing from moment to moment. After initial calibration, the CGM measures blood glucose every 1-10 minutes. This make the CGM a "powerful and life changing piece of technology for those with type 1 or 2 diabetes.

Talk to your health care team to see if you can get better control of your blood glucose levels using a CGM device. Consider using a CGM to develop an improved diabetes self-management plan for optimal well-being.

If you want to see if your you qualify for a CGM meter though your insurance, let ADW Diabetes take care of the paperwork! Just fill out our Insurance Form by clicking here to see if you qualify.

    • Dexcom G5 Scout Receiver Kit
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    • Dexcom G5 Scout Receiver Kit Item #: EDSTKSD001IM

      The Dexcom G5 Scout Receiver Kit, model # STKSD001IM, offers the latest technology available in continous glucose monitoring. CGM allows for accurate real-time blood glucose monitoring with the added ability to share the data with family, care givers, and doctors.
    • MiniMed Guardian Link 3 Transmitter Kit For 670G Pump
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    • MiniMed Guardian Link 3 Transmitter Kit For 670G Pump Item #: PSMMT7810NAI

      The MiniMed Guardian Link 3 Transmitter Kit is designed to work hand-in-hand with the new MiniMed 670G pump to offer a complete and closed loop system for pump therapy. This transmitter sends real-time data to your pump allowing for proper delivery and no second guessing.
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