Diabetes Portion Control Plates Now Available

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Eating right is a big part of managing your diabetes, but there is no doubt that this can be challenging in our modern, “supersized” world of food portions. It’s easy to forget the proper amounts of food and correct balance of the food groups, and this can wreak havoc on your glucose levels as well as your waistline.

Diabetes Portion Control PlateADW Diabetes is now carrying a new item that will help you make the right food choices – the Diabetes Portion Plate. This colorful, sturdy plate has all the right information about staying on track with food portions and is specially made with the diabetic diet in mind. With the Diabetes Portion Plate, you can find the right balance between non-starchy vegetables, protein and starches for each meal, and the right amounts for each group too.

For more information on eating the right way on a diabetic diet, check out our free diabetes information site, Destination Diabetes! Find detailed information on some of the following topics:

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ADW Diabetes is a diabetic supply mail order company that is dedicated to keeping diabetes management affordable. ADW takes a leading role in offering free diabetic education through Destination Diabetes, an informational component of the ADW website featuring tips and advice from diabetes and nutrition experts, diabetic recipes and more.

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