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Five new blood pressure monitors have been added to our long list of Mabis products.

Model 04-340-000 comes equipped with Digital Technology, and a one-size fits all MABIS wide-range cuff. As the monitor detects the movement through the artery in your arm, it converts it into an easy to view digital reading. The wide-range cuff fits arm sizes 8 5/8″ – 18″.

The 04-342-000 and 04-346-000 are fully automatic, and feature the SmartRead Plus Technology. The SmartRead Plus Technology allows the cuff to inflate to a determined level with the press of a button. After inflation, the monitor will read and sense the amount of pressure in the cuff, to make sure that it is appropriate for you.

The Mabis SmartSpeed 04-330-001 and 04-330-006 have a unique storage compartment built right into the meter. This allows you to neatly store your cuff after use, right into the monitor itself!

On top of adding blood pressure monitors, we will now be carrying digital thermometers. The Mabis Jumbo Display Digital Thermometer has a bigger screen so that people with vision problems will be able to read their results. The Flexible Digital Thermometer gives readings in just 9 seconds, while the Mabis Ear Thermometer works in only 1 second.

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