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Dec 6, 2009


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January 13th 2009 is a day that i will never forget. Since middle school i can remember there being times when i would get all shaky and have a strong desire to eat everything in the house. […]

Dec 4, 2009

My HORRIBLE Diagnosis

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My diagnosis began way before i went to the doctors. It started slowly about a month before my diagnosis. I was in the city with my friends and i hadnt noticed it, but my friends kept asking me why i was drinking so much water?

Nov 19, 2009

Newbie to Diabetes

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Hi, my name is Lynn. I never thought I would have anything like Type II Diabetes. It doesn't run in my family that I know of, but I guess I took my own lifestyle for granted and it feels like it backfired on me.

Nov 15, 2009

My First Year

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I was diagnosed with type one diabetes December 27, 2008... my parents seemed more upset than i did because i decided from the first day that diabetes wasn't going to control me, i was going to control it.