Insulin For My Dad

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My dad was 12 years old when he was diagnosed with Diabetes in 1928. Thank God for Insulin. That was the year insulin was made available to people. My dad, Claude, would not have lived long enough to give birth to me without insulin. When dad was a child, he was given a life-expectancy of 40 years old. He exceeded his life-expectancy by 26 years and died at age 66 in 1982. With careful weighing and measuring, paying attention to his inner feelings, and always having candy in his pocket, he was able to enjoy a full life – flying radio controlled airplanes, building his own race car and sale boat, becoming an auto-transmission expert and having two wonderful families. Now, I am pre-diabetic and working on getting my weight down. I have the good example of my dad and my mom and step-mom and know that weighing, measuring, and all that will be easy. Dad did it and at age 63, I can start.

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