Why Is Dietary Fiber So Important For Diabetics

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In a hectic attempt to keep the blood glucose levels in check by avoiding fat, sugary products and certain carbohydrates, some diabetics seem to forget about one of their biggest underestimated friends in a diabetic diet – fiber. Statistics seem to confirm the extent of oversight – while the National Cancer Institute recommends a daily intake of 20-30 grams, an average American eat approximately 11 grams. Importantly, as the American Diabetes Association outlines, people who rely on diabetic food for health benefits should aim higher than normal – at 40 grams each day.

It is best when recommended amounts of dietary fiber come from a variety of sources, putting a premium on balanced diets. Products rich in soluble fiber, most conducive to keeping blood sugar levels down, include vegetables, fruit, whole grains and cereals. Insoluble fiber can be found in beans, barley or psyllium and while broadly beneficial it does less for a diabetic. There is no dietary fiber in meat, milk, fish or eggs. Most dietitians speak highly of a low-fat diet, rich in fiber, not just because it lowers blood levels, but also regulates digestion.

Some companies have made a point of providing food products which are low-fat, no-cholesterol and fiber-rich. Joseph’s Bakery High Fiber Plus Pita Bread is the latest arrival to the market. It manages to keep the recommended daily value for dietary fiber at a phenomenal 38% per serving. Each pita includes 130 calories and 30 calories from fat. Based on a 2000-calorie diet, the product provides 4% of recommended daily value of fat (3% of saturated fat), 17% of sodium, 7% of carbohydrate, 8% of iron and 4% of calcium. Also importantly, this first diabetic friendly pita bread is free of trans fat and cholesterol. It has been certified as diabetic friendly at the Glycemic Research Institute in Washington D.C.

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