My Son the Diabetic

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My story is similar to others. Around Christmas 1994, my son was only 2 1/2, when we noticed that he was behaving very differently. We experienced the terrible thirst and the myriad trips to the bathroom. One night, December 27, 1994 I looked at him and was amazed as to how much weight he had lost. The following morning we were off to the doctor’s and very soon there after the emergency room. We spent the next four days in the hospital learning how to work with the disease and how to help a 2-year-old understand why he was being poked and prodded every few hours.

We have only recently moved to the insulin pump. It seemed that every time we asked about it the doctor’s we saw (at Standford Children’s Hospital) that there was another reason to delay putting him on the pump, whether it was the technology or his age or the fact that one day he would be a teenager and probably revolt against the disease. Everytime we went to the doctor;s, we got nasty, arrogant bedside manner from the doctors, my son’s father soon refused to attend the appointments.

As a parent of a diabetic, I have always felt responsible for his disease and now he is off to college in the fall and I am so afraid for him since his father and I will be hours away. His A1C was a bit high the last time we went to the doctor but that was a result of just starting off with the pump.

I have to admit that I am surprised as to how prevalent the Type 1 disease really is. Up until our diagnosis I didn’t know anyone with diabetes. Over the last 16 years we have met many other Type 1 Diabetics, my son even played soccer with two others over the years.

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