Our Son Has What ????

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I am writing this on behalf of my 8 yr old son, Dylan. In May of 2009 we found a Tick behind Dylan’s ear. Within a few weeks time, his entire ear was a bulls-eye. He was put on Amoxicillin for Lyme Disease. This was the second time he had contracted Lyme Disease. Although this time he started exibiting an unquenchable thirst, constantly going to the bathroom. It wasn’t until he starting getting up 4 -5 times a night to use the bathroom when we became concerned. Dylan was so thirsty and getting up so much in the night that eventually he was so exhausted that he started bedwetting. I had my husband look up his antibiotic to see if it causes extreme thirst or dry mouth. Of course the answer was no. I decided to call the doctor thinking that perhaps the Lymes Disease was affecting his urinary tract or his bladder. I called the doctor and made an appt. for the next day.

We went into the doctors on June 10, 2009. When we got there Dylan asked the receptionist if he could use the bathroom. They asked him to urinate in a cup for testing and we were shown into waiting room. The doctor came in and started asking questions about Dylan’s symptoms. Then the nurse came in and handed the doctor a test strip. His blood sugar was 386 and he was admitted to the hospital immediately, forever to be branded with T1D. Although we are “young” in this diagnosis and in experience dealing with it, we have all come along way. Dylan’s recent A1C was 5.4 and doctor is thrilled, although he isn’t gaining weight. He is 62lbs. for 4 months now. I want parents everywhere to see this story. To not ignore your gut when it tells you “something isn’t quite right.” I shudder to think what could have happened to my son had I not phone the doctor when I did and Dylan continued on as he was. I wish everyone out there the very best, stay strong, love your children, watch out for them as we are meant to do, call the doctor, don’t ignore your parental instincts. Doctors would rather you call in and speak to a nurse even, instead of ignoring signs thinking that “it’s not anything serious”. Live, Love, Laugh The Babiak Family

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