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We've all heard this phrase many times, "knowledge is power." In the case of diabetes, it could not be more true. In the age of the Internet, there is more access to information. The most important aspect of learning about and living with diabetes is to be able to rely on the information.

First and foremost, your doctor can help you understand your personal health issues. Seek advice from him or her first. If you find information from the Internet or other sources, don't be afraid to share this information with your doctor. His or her perspective can help you better understand how this information could be helpful or harmful.

Another important source of information is a diabetes educator. A diabetes educator is a health professional who specializes in your disease. Many diabetes educators are certified (CDE, certified diabetes educator). Diabetes educators have the knowledge and skills be your #1 coach, supporter and ally in your goal to live well while living with diabetes. The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) is a helpful resource to understand more about the role of a diabetes educator and to locate a CDE near you.

Sometimes the most difficult thing to face when you have a disease is feeling alone. An important source of information and, more importantly, support is to find others living with diabetes. Although every body is different, another person who is dealing with the challenges of diabetes can share their knowledge and experiences with you. There are local diabetes support groups in many areas. If there are not, the Internet has many websites where you can find online support groups.

The Internet can be a very convenient way to find diabetes information and support. However, it is important to know the source of the information. If you are unsure about the information you find online, share this information with your doctor or diabetes educator. They can help you determine if this information is safe and of help to you.

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