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We all need a little help from our friends now and again. At Destination Diabetes, we give you support options such as our Diabetic Forum, Diabetic Blogs and Share Your Story. Not only will you be able to seek or give support, our Diabetes Advisors will be appearing in our forum, blogs and stories from time to time. We hope our diabetes community gives you the support you need to achieve a healthy and satisfying life.

Diabetic Forum - Discuss the latest diabetes news and many other topics related to living with and managing diabetes. Share your experiences with others.

Diabetes Articles - One single article could change the lives of thousands who live with diabetes.

Share Your Story – Even with all the diabetes information and advice available, sometimes we just need to know we are not alone. Read and share inspirational stories from people living with diabetes. Share your story today!

The goal of Destination Diabetes® is to be a useful and credible resource for the more than 20 million children and adults who have diabetes in the U.S. and their families. Destination Diabetes® provides information on a wide range of diabetes health and wellness topics. Articles are written or reviewed by diabetes advisors who have experience in diabetes education.