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Aug 6, 2014

Common Foot Conditions & Proper Care

By Roberta Kleinman|2022-08-16T16:27:58-04:00Updated: August 6th, 2014|Foot Care, Newsletters|1 Comment

According to The American Podiatric Medical Association, “more than 65,000 lower limbs are amputated yearly from diabetes complications. Including a podiatrist in your diabetes care plan can reduce the risk of lower limb amputation up to 85% and lower the risk of hospitalization for foot problems up to 24%”.


Jun 13, 2013

Sun & Summer Care

By ADW|2017-11-28T10:41:55-05:00Updated: June 13th, 2013|Diabetes Management, Foot Care, Skin Care|0 Comments

Summer is here and everyone wants to have fun in the sun. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when you have diabetes. Taking care of your skin and overall well-being before you head outside makes the summer more enjoyable. […]

Oct 10, 2012

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

By Roberta Kleinman|2014-04-24T15:36:52-04:00Updated: October 10th, 2012|Foot Care, General Information, Newsletters|0 Comments

Restless Leg Syndrome (or RLS) affects more than 12 million Americans a year. There is no specific test to diagnose it but a physical and neurological exam along with mention of certain symptoms can help the physician make the diagnosis.

Discussing family history (since genetics plays a component), sleep patterns, creeping sensation patterns as well as current […]

Sep 26, 2012

Manage Better Foot Care

By Roberta Kleinman|2023-08-11T21:36:19-04:00Updated: September 26th, 2012|Foot Care, Newsletters|0 Comments

This week I consulted with a new patient who was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The only thing he could focus on during the hour long education session was proper foot care. The reason is – he has a family who had 3 male generations of diabetes and each member of that family had an […]

Apr 18, 2012

Benefits of Dr. Scholl’s Diabetes Socks

By Roberta Kleinman|2014-04-23T13:18:53-04:00Updated: April 18th, 2012|Foot Care, Newsletters|0 Comments

Since 1906, Dr. Scholl’s has been in the business of creating comfort for feet of men and women. They lead the way in foot wear technology and their name is the most trusted in the foot care industry. The diabetes and therapeutic socks look like regular socks used for dress, work or play, yet the support […]

Feb 8, 2012

The Benefits of Bamboo Socks

By Roberta Kleinman|2023-08-11T21:35:32-04:00Updated: February 8th, 2012|Foot Care, Newsletters|0 Comments

Proper foot care is paramount to the overall treatment of diabetes; it is essential that utilizing any preventative measure to ensure the reduction of complications should be included in a treatment plan. It is also well established that wearing socks when you have diabetes is important for daily foot care but are there […]

Oct 26, 2011

Tips for Choosing Diabetic Shoes

By Roberta Kleinman|2014-04-21T13:31:03-04:00Updated: October 26th, 2011|Foot Care, Newsletters|0 Comments

One common complication that occurs in 60-70% of people with diabetes is neuropathy or nerve damage. This is a lack of sensation or loss of ability to feel pain, hot or cold, usually in the feet. Diabetes can cause poor circulation or blood flow as well, and this dangerous combination may lead to foot ulcers or […]

May 25, 2011

Summer Foot Care for Happy Diabetic Feet

By Roberta Kleinman|2014-04-16T13:45:24-04:00Updated: May 25th, 2011|Foot Care, Newsletters|0 Comments

Summer is finally here and nothing beats wiggling your toes in the sand or the surf after a long freezing winter. The problem is, if you have diabetes, the risk of kicking off your shoes is not worth it.

According to The California Podiatrist Medical association nearly 55,000 Americans with diabetes suffer from a lower limb amputation […]

Jan 19, 2011

Avoid Devastating Diabetes Foot Complications

By Mark Warren, DPM|2017-10-23T14:19:51-04:00Updated: January 19th, 2011|Complications, Foot Care, Newsletters|0 Comments

Today I share with you the true story of how something so small as a paperclip can lead to a life threatening situation for a Diabetic. I tell you this story as a podiatrist who has treated diabetic patients for over 30 years, and seen many devastating complications resulting from diabetes. It is my hope that this story will help you avoid such complications.

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