Author: Mark Warren, DPM

Don’t Take Your Feet For Granted

How much attention do you give your feet? Many people who have diabetes are unaware of the problems that may occur in their feet without proper preventative care. As a board certified podiatrist for over 25 years, I have seen thousands of diabetic patients with common foot problems that I would like to inform you about, so that you can gain the knowledge to better care for your feet. First, what makes a diabetic foot unique? Your feet are an important organ of the body that many people take for granted, but that allow us to function in our daily lives. Diabetes is a problem that causes issues with circulation, skin, nerves, and sometimes even bones and joints. Any one of these problems can become extremely serious, and I have seen them result in serious health issues, including infected ulcers, gangrene, and painful deformities. I will discuss circulation; what to expect as a diabetic, how to prevent problems, and what to do when you suspect a serious issue. Proper circulation carries blood containing oxygen and other nutrients to organs that allow the body to move, heal, and fight off infection. People with diabetes are prone to having high cholesterol and getting small blood vessel disease. This means that the required amount of oxygen and nutrients may not be delivered to the feet. Without oxygen, the foot becomes suffocated and...

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