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    A woman I know has a little boy who has just been diagnosed with diabetes. In fact I was the person who insisted that she take the child to be tested. The sweet little thing had the symptoms and it came on him fast. Because I am someone she knows who has diabetes my friend came to me right away after the doctor told her. She was so upset.

    Since I am a type 2 my knowledge of type 1 isn't very deep and I assured her that I will learn all about it with her and Billy. Happily I was able to calm her down a lot and she was able to cope for that first day of the diagnosis.

    My friend is a really great Mom. She and little Billy visited yesterday and she asked me my opinion of something she has done to explain the diabetes to him. She got him a plush toy and said that the toy had been diagnosed with diabetes too. So now, everything that her son has to go through she has the toy do first.

    I thought that this was a great idea. I've signed up to help the family get used to the changes that they should go through and I think the toy is just about the best thing she can do to help her son.

    Has anyone else used a toy to get your child used to diabetes and to learn to handle what they need to go though? Do you agree that it is a great idea?

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    I totally agree this is an awesome idea., my hat is off to her for coming up with such a awesome idea. I don't know how old little billy is but my son was dxd @17mths and I didn't think of such idea to help him understand his condition I most jumped and started treatment I should say and now that he is 3yrs old it is second nature to him sometimes he even checks his sugars himself . I didn't think of anything special like this.


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      That is indeed a wonderful idea! There is not much you can explain to a little boy about a condition like that, and he needs some kind of help to cope with the treatments and lifestyle changes. I'm sure having this buddy bear going through the same things will help a lot!


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        I am definitly going to tell my friend to come here and read that you think that her idea was a good one. She is going to feel so much better.

        I thought it was a great idea, but when you don't have kids, like me, it really is hard to give a mother instructions. I am glad that you both took the time to answer my post. Thanks so much.