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My goal at American Diabetes Wholesale is to help educate pet owners about diabetes in animals. I graduated from veterinary school in 1993, and practiced in Oregon for 17 years. After spending my first 7 years as an emergency veterinarian, I found the passion for international veterinary volunteer work. I made my living for many years as a “relief veterinarian” in the US as a general practitioner, and took off each winter – traveling to underdeveloped nations to help animals.

In 2005, I founded Veterinary Ventures which takes teams of veterinarians to remote areas of the world with the goal of providing quality veterinary care when such care is either lacking or inadequate. Since 2000 I have been on 11 volunteer campaigns. I’ve worked in the Cook Islands, American Samoa, Tahiti, Mexico, Peru and Thailand. In 2010 I moved from Oregon to South Florida. I am again providing relief services to veterinary clinics in South Florida and have also started a veterinary house-call practice.

Of course, you need a good working relationship with your veterinarian, but I hope to help you understand diabetes better and improve your ability to treat your pets. Your own veterinarian will guide you, but it is important as a pet owner of a diabetic animal that you have a strong understanding of the disease.

Much of this may sound familiar to what you learned in high school health class, and honestly, pet diabetes isn’t terribly different from diabetes in people. In the coming weeks I will discuss what insulin does to your pet, diabetes home monitoring, the importance of dental care, and how diet affects blood glucose. I can also offer you some tips on selecting the proper medical products to make it easier to treat your pet.

I look forward to talking with you!

NOTE: Consult your doctor first to make sure my recommendations fit your special health needs.

About the Author: Dr . Joi Sutton

Dr. Joi Sutton is a 1993 graduate from Oregon State University. She has practiced both in emergency medicine and general practice. Dr. Sutton has done extensive international volunteer work though Veterinary Ventures, a nonprofit organization that takes teams of veterinarians to undeveloped countries for humane medical care. She also runs a small animal practice in South Florida. Connect with Dr. Joi on LinkedIn

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