The Three Keys to Diabetes Control

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You can be in control of your diabetes, enjoy life to the fullest and live happily.

When we talk about diabetes control what do we actually mean? The three crucial elements to diabetes control are: 1) blood sugar, 2) blood cholesterol and 3) blood pressure. These three factors can help you avoid or delay complications and be in control of your diabetes.

What numbers should I look for?

  • Blood sugar:

    Fasting sugar: 80 to below 110 mg/dl

    2 hours after lunch: Below 140 mg/dl

    A1C: 6 to below 7% (A1C is the average blood sugar reading for the past 3 months. This is a critical parameter predicting diabetes complications to the small vessels. Land mark trials reveal that every 1% drop of A1C reduces diabetes complications to your eyes, feet and kidneys by 35%.)

    It is your responsibility to monitor your blood sugar. If you’re not using insulin, monitor your blood sugar at least once a day and vary the time either fasting, before other meals, two hours after meals or bedtime. Check with your physician and come up with a plan. If you’re using insulin try to monitor before each insulin injection.

  • Blood Cholesterol:

    Total Cholesterol: Below 200 mg/dl preferably below 175 mg/dl

    LDL: Below 100 mg/dl with new research suggesting 70 mg/dl

    HDL: Men above 40 mg/dl, women above 50mg/dl

    Triglycerides: Below 150 mg/dl

    Your physician should request blood work regularly.

  • Blood pressure:

    Keep your blood pressure below 130/80. Try to monitor it several times a week and vary the time.

Keep these 3 parameters at those levels. You will become more in control of your diabetes. If you keep up with cholesterol and blood pressure control then you can help avoid heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. These conditions are the cause of mortality of 75 % of people with diabetes.

How do you keep those under control? Take your medications as prescribed, monitor your blood sugars and blood pressure. Implement lifestyle changes that are provided to you in the Small Action of The Week section. Several future articles for making favorable lifestyle choices will soon be available.

Small Action of the Week:

If you don’t already own a blood glucose meter and blood pressure monitor then buy one. They may help save your life. Monitor consistently and report unusual high or low readings to your physician.

Pharmacist George Tohme and author of Lifestyle Makeover for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics:

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