Test Strips Tip: Ensure Compatibility with Your Glucose Meter!

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Besides your glucose meter, diabetic test strips are the most important diabetic supplies you will need in monitoring your blood glucose levels accurately. There are a great variety of diabetic test strips on the market, and those new to diabetes might not be aware that it is necessary to purchase glucose test strips that are compatible with your specific glucose monitor.

Let’s take a quick look at Ascensia. They manufacture some of the most popular brands of blood glucose meters and testing strips on the market. Even in this case, you need to know which model of monitor you have, and order the strips manufactured specifically for that particular meter. For example, The Ascensia Breeze glucose test strips are NOT compatible with the Ascensia Contour glucose monitor, even though they come from the same manufacturer.

On the American Diabetes Wholesale website, you will find detailed product descriptions for meter compatibility, so you can ensure you are making the right selection for your order. Don’t forget that many of the brands carry quantity discounts when you purchase multiple boxes of test strips! See each test strip’s description online for more details and potential savings.

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