Kicking off the Holiday Shopping Season

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Black Friday – it’s the day when retailers rake in the bucks as consumers everywhere throng to the stores to take advantage of holiday sales. It’s the biggest shopping day of the year for retailers, but for people with diabetes, it can be a real challenge. Need some strategies to help cope with this exciting yet stressful day? Keep reading.

Be Prepared

Always bring your needed medication and supplies with you when on an extended shopping trip. This includes healthy snacks to give you a boost if you feel your energy levels sagging. Check your blood glucose more frequently than usual to be sure that it is within a safe range.

Oh, My Aching Feet!

Light exercise like walking offers excellent benefits for your health. It can reduce stress and improve glucose control. But this marathon shopping can be h-a-r-d on the feet. Shoppers may end up walking for miles from one end of the mall to the other and back again. Know when you need to take a break. Sit down as often as needed to rest your tired feet. It’s also a good idea to wear shoes and socks that are designed for people with diabetes. They can help alleviate the stress on your feet and keep you from getting blisters. Finally, check your feet thoroughly when you get home for calluses or injuries.

Eating on the Go

Where do you usually end up eating when you’re bustling through the mall? The food court. Don’t let bad food choices spell disaster for your diabetes management. One way to cope is by deciding what you’re going to eat beforehand and then looking for that item at the various restaurants. Most places offer something healthy on the menu; use your willpower to choose that grilled chicken salad instead of a gigantic slice of pizza. Other things you can do to deal with mall food? Watch your portion sizes. Split an entrée with a shopping buddy, or wrap up half of that over-sized sandwich to take home. Don’t be shy about asking for special preparation or substitutions if needed, even at a busy counter. Your health is too important to fret about causing a minor inconvenience to the people serving you. And if you’re the type who likes to “shop till you drop,” don’t forget to eat! Eating on your regular schedule is crucial for maintaining blood sugar levels.

Black Friday doesn’t have to leave a black mark on your health. With a little preparation and a lot of common sense, you can enjoy the day – and maybe even come away with some bargains!

Happy Thanksgiving from ADW!

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