Feeling Optimistic with Diabetes in 2015

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  • Optimistic in 2015

Diabetes requires constant management which can lead to feelings of frustration or despair. Replacing pessimism with positive feelings boosts your mood, reduces your stress and may even help you maintain better blood glucose levels. Discover ways to feel optimistic with diabetes in 2015.

  • Recent research revealed people who are optimistic live up to seven years longer than those who are pessimistic. Key elements to incorporate into your life are short-term and long-term goals as well as a feeling that life has promise and you have hope. Being hopeful minimizes stress and helps you stay focused on what you need to do to manage diabetes. Studies also show optimists have better immune systems that heal quickly with fewer colds. They tend to have better health habits such as eating well-balanced meals and incorporating physical activities into their daily routines. These habits make it easier to manage diabetes and feel more confident.
  • Optimism is a feeling of hopefulness and confidence about the future with the tendency to expect the best possible outcome. This is linked to diabetes because optimists feel they can control situations to make them better and learn how to manage diabetes. Optimists recognize failure in one area does not mean total failure. They also realize bad situations are usually temporary. This helps them deal with the inevitable fluctuations associated with diabetes such as blood sugar spikes. They have a plan to face health issues head-on with the help of their diabetes health care team, friends, family members and co-workers. Being engaged in life and having social interaction helps people with diabetes stay positive. Community organizations, volunteer work or a fulfilling career can also help add meaning to your life.
  • Healthy eating can help you feel more optimistic with diabetes. Consider enrolling in a diabetes education class or working with a diabetes nurse educator. Knowledge is power when it comes to managing diabetes. Discover the importance of a well-balanced diet that includes lean fish and meat, low-fat dairy, fruit and vegetables and whole grains. Keep a food diary to make sure you are including essential meals and snacks into your day. Have healthy snacks handy to help you make the best choices. Learn about portion control so you can still enjoy your favorite foods in moderation.
  • Include exercise in your regular routine to manage your weight, reduce stress and improve your overall well-being. Take a walk, join a gym or play with the kids. Engage in a sport you enjoyed in school such as basketball or tennis. Include stretching, breathing, balance and strength training in your exercise plan. Get motivated by working out with a friend or committing to a stroll with the dog every night. Exercise should be fun and fit into your current schedule.
  • Face the challenge of diabetes head-on with an effective management plan developed by your health care team. Take medications as prescribed and monitor your blood sugar regularly. Maintain regular appointments with your doctors to ensure you are managing diabetes in the best way possible. Inquire about the latest diabetes treatment methods and supplies such as easy-to-use BD syringes to inject insulin if needed. Keep abreast of diabetes research and developments for the highest level of care. These innovations can help make your life easier and boost feelings of optimism about your future treatment options.
  • Keep in mind a recent survey of endocrinologists revealed they are optimistic and expect to see significant improvements in the outlook for patients with diabetes over the next three years. New drugs and other treatments will be available to help improve your current diabetes management plan.

Being aware of the latest developments related to diabetes management helps you feel optimistic in 2015 and beyond. Healthy foods, regular exercise, social interaction and goal-setting are all ways to boost your optimism. Stay positive to reduce your stress and achieve better health with diabetes.

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