Diabetes and Heart Connection

Apr 23, 2014

Heart Basics & Diabetes

By ADW Diabetes|2014-05-14T11:44:03-04:00Updated: April 23rd, 2014|General Information, Heart Connection|0 Comments

People with diabetes are up to four times more likely to have heart disease than people without it. The good news is diabetes is considered a controllable risk factor for cardiovascular issues. Discover ways to manage diabetes and ward off heart problems to stay healthy for years to come.


Feb 19, 2014

Triglyceride Information – Heart Health Month

By Roberta Kleinman|2016-05-13T09:54:39-04:00Updated: February 19th, 2014|Heart Connection, Newsletters|0 Comments

I often counsel patients who have elevated triglycerides in conjunction with their diabetes, and since it is heart month I thought I would share some of that information. Almost 80% of people with diabetes have high triglycerides. It is most commonly seen when blood sugars are out of control. Increased triglycerides thicken the walls of the […]

Feb 5, 2014

February is Heart Health Month

By Roberta Kleinman|2017-10-25T09:59:27-04:00Updated: February 5th, 2014|Heart Connection, Newsletters|0 Comments

Although death rates from stroke and heart attacks have dropped in the last decade, for those who have diabetes it is still the leading cause of death, with more than 600,000 deaths a year in the United States. Strokes have decreased from the 3rd leading cause of death to the 4th which is a huge public […]

Jun 19, 2013

Blood Pressure Issues

By Roberta Kleinman|2017-10-18T15:58:19-04:00Updated: June 19th, 2013|Diabetes Management, Heart Connection, Newsletters|0 Comments

Having diabetes can put you at greater risk for other health issues such as hypertension or high blood pressure. This week during a diabetes teaching session I treated a patient who weighed over 400 pounds and was upset that he was just diagnosed with elevated blood pressure. We had a discussion about blood pressure that I […]

Jul 11, 2012

Fasting Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure

By Roberta Kleinman|2016-06-03T15:48:40-04:00Updated: July 11th, 2012|Diabetes Management, Heart Connection, Newsletters|1 Comment

During this week of diabetes educational sessions I have been answering some pertinent questions coming from patients like you. You may have read a version of this information before but each patient seems to put a different spin on the question. I am confident that you will all learn something new with each question which can […]

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