Diabetes Educator of the Year 2008

Diabetes Educator of the yearLast Friday, ADW Diabetes honored the winner of ADW’s Diabetes Educator of the year 2007 – Barbara Odom. We had a ceremony at our office with a few key speakers and some of Barbara’s family members. This was a great day for ADW as we rewarded Barbara for all her hard work. Barbara Odom is a truly amazing individual who is dedicated to her profession and to her patients. As the winner, she received a free two night stay at the luxurious Boca Resort and Spa.

ADW Diabetes’ Diabetes Educator of the Year contest was created to honor and reward these healthcare professionals who are on the front lines helping in the fight against diabetes. Due to the great success of the first ever Diabetes Educator of the Year contest, our company has decided to make this an annual event. We understand the import role these educators play and we are hoping to have an even bigger event next year!

Congratulations Barbara – ADW is proud and honored to have you named our first ever Diabetes Educator of the Year!