Importance of Daily Logs of Blood Glucose Levels

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Importance of Daily Logs

One of the most important parts of managing your diabetes is by keeping a daily log of your blood sugars. Testing your blood sugar will let you know what your sugar level is at that time, but without keeping a log, you will not know any trends that may be occurring. Certain foods could spike your blood sugar, or exercise could also affect it, so by knowing your glucose levels throughout the day you and your healthcare professionals can better manage your diabetes.

One way of keeping track of your blood sugars, is by using a daily log book. These log books can keep track of what your blood sugar level is, and what type of medication you are taking or carbs you may be eating during that meal.

ADW works closely with diabetes educators, nurses, and other health care professionals and also realizes the importance of these log books.

Check out our ADW Daily Log Book.

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