Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs): Your Source for Answers

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When a person is newly diagnosed with diabetes, a whole new world of questions and concerns opens up! Fortunately, our modern medical system offers the invaluable contributions of the certified diabetes educator, or CDE. From learning how to use diabetic test strips to monitor their blood glucose levels, what foods can cause dangerous imbalances in their blood sugar, and how to maintain a proper exercise regimen, the certified diabetes educator is the person with the answers.

But what exactly is a CDE, and how does someone become one?

A certified diabetes educator is a health care professional that has earned special certification focused on teaching people with diabetes how to manage their condition. In most cases, the CDE is a nurse or dietitian who underwent extra training to specialize in patients with the diabetic condition. After this formal training, their certification is awarded by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators. Unlike an endocrinologist, who is a hormone specialist that deals with diseases in addition to diabetes, the CDE is specially dedicated to the needs of diabetics, and helping them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

These professionals are crucial to those who need to learn about the tools and skills necessary to control their blood glucose levels, and avoid serious complications such as diabetic neuropathy and hyperglycemia. For more information about CDE’s, or to locate one locally, please visit the American Association of Diabetes Educators website.

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