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Children With Type 1 and PottyTraining??

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  • Children With Type 1 and PottyTraining??

    I have a 3yr old diabetic that is trying his best but still having tons of accident and is still in pulls ups because of this. Do you think him being diabetic has anything to do with that?

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    Yes, diabetes does have its effect on potty training sessions for kids affected with diabetes. It is really a complex and you have to get enough information from online regarding and make sure you follow the guidelines perfectly.


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      thank you I was htinking I was doing everything wrong so I said to myself maybe this condtion has something to do with this you know. So thanks I will start to research this.


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        just delayed

        my daughter was older when she got the hang of it. Dr. Brazelton was amazing, he said, by the time she goes off to college she can go to the bathroom by herself.
        It has never been shown that diabetes affects potty training.
        She, like everyone else has her own time line for accomplishments..
        Don't blame the diabetes on latent potty training, that is wrong.
        As DR. B points out everything in its own time. And blaming a disease is a scape goat and not real. Understanding that your child has milestones and is taking her time is most important. Reassurance, compassion and patience is more the need here.


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          I would think that unless your child is having to go to the bathroom a lot of times because her bloodsugars are high, and she has to urinate a lot because of it, there wouldn't be a problem with potty training.

          If her numbers are OK, you just might ask her doctor about it. I bet that the normal time for kids getting the hang of being potty trained is very different. I bet your child is absolutely normal in her training, you are just a bit worried because of the diabetes, Again, ask her doctor. I bet she's just fine.


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            Hi supermom03


            I don't think diabetes has got any effect on potty training, because it is something learning the habit. Even though it interrupts the training sessions, I think its not the matter to worry about. For the sake of your knowledge I have done web research and found one link about potty training. Its a parents guide to potty training. Some useful tips are given in it and it would be easy for you to handle your kid after you read it. Please click HERE.