Wife of a Diabetic

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My husband is a type 1 diabetic. He was diagnosed at the age of 16 years old~he was afraid to tell me when we were dating because he thought I wouldn’t want to continue dating him BUT love is a powerful thing (we just celebrated our 19th anniversary this June 2009).

My mother-in-law pretty much did everything for him from waking him up for his insulin, making his meals and even testing his blood while he was asleep as a good parent should BUT she never gave him the “responsibility” of taking care of his diabetes himself.

After having diabetes for 21 years he still struggles with his diabetes. He has experienced many low sugar episodes from falling to the ground to car accidents (thankfully no one was hurt) to just being belligerent or violent. This has been very hard on my children and I as we want to help him and we hate to see him in such distress but he gets to the point where he just doesn’t want our help and of course when his sugar rises he cannot remember much of what happened.

Recently, our doctor suggested the real-time glucose monitoring system with the pump and it has been a Godsend. The sensor lets him know early enough to get something to eat before he becomes dangerously low~I feel like this is his only hope before he seriously hurts himself or someone else. I am so thankful that there is advanced technology to help keep him alive. The pump is an awesome piece of equipment and I encourage all insulin dependent diabetics to try it out~it will make your life easier as well as make the ones who love you feel a little more at ease. My prayer is that one day there will be a cure for diabetes as no one should have to suffer with this disease.

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