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My story is not that unusual. Like many people I was a normal, skinny kid until I started having children. Being with child gave me permission to eat, and eat and eat! Fat cells developed and then one day after having four children, I woke up to realize that I had abused my body terribly. I was FAT!

After many physical problems to include a heart stent and irregular heart beat I went to the doctor for help. He did the usual blood work and told me that I had to lose some weight. I left and went back to work, angry that he could not give me something that would melt the fat away. That is when I received the call that my sugar level was too high. Never have I had a problem with my sugar!

They put me on medication and told me to watch my diet, I basically ignored them until one night when I thought I was having a heart attack. A few weeks later my brother-in-law had heart attack, while at the hospital, there was an educational film regarding SEVERE OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE AND FAT CLINICS so I decided I had better start testing my sugar, and go on a REAL diet.

Since I was determine to check my sugar I went to get my prescription filled for diabetic supplies. My pharmacy told me that I would have to pay for everything except the strips and then my insurance would only pay 80% for those. With even the cheaper meters, the strips were outrageous, I bought a cheap one and the strips were awful, sometimes I had to use two or three due to faulty strips. I got disgusted and was ready to quit but then I looked on the Internet for a place that sold diabetic supplies and found ADW Diabetes, I requested information and I am so glad I did. A representative called me back and told me my insurance would pay for all of it.

I have stayed on my diet and I am losing weight, little at a time, but my sugar is staying below 150 and I feel great. No more ringing in the ears, dizzy spells or metal taste in my mouth.

It took a while but I learned that my sugar can be controlled with diet, exercise and taking my diabetic medication. I hope that soon I can go off the meds and continue to enjoy life.

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ADW Diabetes is a diabetic supply mail order company that is dedicated to keeping diabetes management affordable. ADW takes a leading role in offering free diabetic education through Destination Diabetes, an informational component of the ADW website featuring tips and advice from diabetes and nutrition experts, diabetic recipes and more.

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