Celebrity Chef and Radio Show Host Charles Mattocks Offers Quick And Easy Cooking Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

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Celebrity Chef and Radio Show Host Charles Mattocks

ADW Diabetes recently spoke with Celebrity Chef and author of the best-selling cookbook Eat Cheap but Eat Well about how anyone can make the transition to eating healthier. Mattocks, diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2010, has been on a mission to spread the word about how easy it can be to make healthier food choices. He emphasizes that small changes in diet can be made quickly and that the positive impact it has on your life can speak volumes.

  1. When you meet someone for the first time and they inform you that they have diabetes, what is the most common question about cooking/eating that you encounter?Great question. One of the most common questions I hear is, “Does this mean I have to give up every food I love?” Another one is, “How can I make healthy food taste good?” I even hear these questions even from doctors. So many people think that people with diabetes have to eat bland, tasteless meals. I assure them that healthy foods can taste even better than what they may be used to eating. They will get to experience the natural flavors that are all too often masked by an excess of salt and sugar. I encourage them to experiment with herbs and spices to accent their healthy meals. I remind them that we eat first with our eyes. The vibrant colors of fresh produce will be visually appealing, tasty, and beneficial to their health. I dress my salads with just a splash of olive oil and lemon juice and it is delicious!
  2. With the summer in full swing, what is your favorite diabetes-friendly dish to bring to a get together?I love to visit farmers markets and find an assortment of fresh and colorful vegetables and herbs for my salads. Cilantro is rich in minerals, Vitamin K, and anti-oxidants. Parsley is not just a garnish to leave on the side of your plate. It contains enzymes that help to metabolize carbohydrates. Parsley also has properties that may help prevent eye disease. These are just two of the herbs I like to use to boost the taste and nutrition of my salads. Sometimes I will sprinkle some low-fat feta crumbles on top for a little extra zing. Just before serving I spray on a mixture of olive oil and balsamic vinegar or lemon juice. Spray on? Yes! Put the dressing ingredients in a spray bottle, shake it up, and spray. This helps to ensure that the dressing is dispersed lightly and evenly. This is also more cost effective as you will not have un-used pools of dressing on the bottom of your salad plate when done eating.

Read ADW’s full interview with Charles Mattocks.

About ADW Diabetes:

ADW Diabetes is a diabetic supply mail order company that is dedicated to keeping diabetes management affordable. ADW is focused on helping customers effectively manage their disease by providing one of the largest selections of diabetes-related products, including insulin pump supplies and glucose testing products at significant discounts. ADW takes a leading role in diabetes education through Destination Diabetes, an informational website featuring tips and advice from experienced healthcare professionals. ADW is involved in and supports the diabetes community and organizations that further diabetes education and research.

About Celebrity Chef Charles Mattocks:

Charles Mattocks, aka The Poor Chef, has made a name for himself as the bestselling author of Eat Cheap, But Eat Well. His famous tag line – “What can you cook for $7?” – has taken the country by storm. Charles’ love of healthy food fueled his passion for health and wellness. Charles aims to educate people on how to buy great food for the family without breaking the budget. He has a new line of sugar and gluten free chocolate called “The Charles Bar“. Along with a kids book and a new diabetic cookbook coming soon, Charles has also teamed up with the USDA Pyramid program, a proponent of early education, teaching children to eat and shop for healthy foods. Charles has showcased his cooking tips on The Dr. Oz Show, where he and Dr. Oz prepared a great family meal for less than $7. Mattocks is starring in and directing the documentary ‘The Diabetic You’ which will premier in 2013 at independent film festivals across the globe. He was recently honored by the International Diabetes Federation as a Blue Circle Champion and Hero. He can also be found on the radio with his new show ‘The Healthy Dish’ which airs weekly in the Atlanta-area on LOVE 860 AM.

For more information on Charles, visit http://www.thepoorchef.com.

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ADW Diabetes is a diabetic supply mail order company that is dedicated to keeping diabetes management affordable. ADW takes a leading role in offering free diabetic education through Destination Diabetes, an informational component of the ADW website featuring tips and advice from diabetes and nutrition experts, diabetic recipes and more.

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