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I am a 19-year-old regular teenage girl. I always eat a lot with friends and love to just hang out. One week in December 2009 I noticed I was eating and drinking much more than I normally ever would. I brought it up to my oldest sister who is in school for nursing when she said it sounded a lot like diabetes. We told our parents and they just shrugged it off saying ” its probably nothing don’t worry”. Lauryn (my older sister) kept telling me to be careful and go to the doc a week later when it kept pursuing I finally made a doctor appointment.

I went to my doctors office told them the deal and they pricked my finger, apparently I was so high the machine couldn’t tell us exactly what my level is. They told me I had to go to the ER right away and I needed to call my mom to come get me. Sadly my dad lives in DC and my mom had just left to go see him so I was all alone.

I called my friend Jess who was more than kind enough to get me and take me to the hospital and spend hours with me there. My blood level when I was signed in was in the 900s I was overwhelmed, not to mention the fact im terrified of needles and now needed them to live didn’t help. My mom rushed up from DC to spend the night in the hospital with me and here I am 2 months later with an AC of 7 and blood levels still struggling to get normal but better everyday.

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