Stopping The Blame Game

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Five years ago to my dismay my family doctor at the time told me I was type two diabetic. My worst fear was leading a horrible life like my late father and being constantly frustrated and angry. Both sides of my family going back three generations were diabetic. I was about twenty-five pounds over weight at the time. Ok I can control this I thought, I joined a gym went on a diet and lost 18 pounds. My numbers never got better. I asked the doctor what was wrong with me that I could not control this, after all the media stresses it is mostly caused by something a person does wrong.

I was put on one oral medication after another with bad side effects because I am sensitive to many medications. Two years ago I was put on insulin and symlin and my numbers improved.

I made up my mind that the blame game is a waste of time and the only way to have a healthy mind while dealing with diabetes is to stay positive, exercise and stay up to date on current research as much as possible. There are times when giving myself four shots a day that I feel sorry for my self but I look around and there are so many other people worse off and I am the one that can stay in control and not let diabetes control me.

My wish is for people that are not diabetic to become more educated so that they may understand what people with diabetes go through.

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