Six Tips to Lose Weight Even With Diabetes

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Being overweight with diabetes can lead to other health problems. Find out six tips to lose weight even with diabetes.  Discover the real deal about carbohydrates, weight gain and diabetes.  Learn how to resist temptation and get the support you need.  Determine the proper balance for shedding pounds without blood sugar fluctuations.

  • Review your current habits and be ready to make permanent lifestyle changes. Identify unhealthy habits such as eating high calorie snacks or sedentary behavior. Replace them with positive behaviors such as nibbling vegetables and taking walks. Know your trigger points. Make small changes that help you avoid temptation. For example, keep diabetic candy at work so you are not tempted by sweet treats in the break room. Always carry a healthy snack.
  • Balance makes a difference in your diabetes weight loss plan. Proper balance is essential to avoid high and low blood sugar fluctuations. Cutting 500 calories a day is usually safe for people with diabetes. Consume 50 to 55 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent fat and 10 to 15 percent protein to achieve a healthy balance and make sure your blood sugars are tolerating this nutrition break down. Invest in a diabetes cookbook to get ideas for tasty meals.
  • Be aware of which and how many carbohydrates are friends or foe. Carbohydrates have a major effect on blood sugar since they are broken down into 100% sugar. Stick to healthier carbohydrates such as low carb pasta, whole grain breads and vegetables. Steer clear of white bread and white flour foods. Try alternatives such as whole wheat pancakes with sugar free syrup. Never cut too many carbohydrates. It can cause low blood sugars and make you feel awful.
  • Add exercise to your daily routine. Regular exercise helps you lose weight and control your blood sugar. Try walking 20 minutes a day. Be aware of the effects of exercise. Aerobic activity such as working out on a treadmill may lower blood sugar quickly. Prolonged strenuous movement such as weight lifting can have a positive impact on your blood sugar level for hours. Closely monitor your blood sugar levels when you start exercising more and check with your physician before starting a new program especially if you have a heart condition.
  • Make small changes to see big results over time. Be patient and make small changes to see major results over time. Drastic action can cause blood sugar fluctuations. You may also feel discouraged or deprived. Make lifestyle changes such as burning an extra 100 calories each day or cutting 100 calories daily. Minor behavior modifications can help you lose up to ten pounds in two or three weeks.
  • Enlist the assistance of the people around you. Get all the support you can. Meet with your doctor, a diabetes educator and a nutritionist to get eating advice. Let friends, family and co-workers know you are losing weight for your health. Ask them to remove temptation and avoid being food pushers. Keep healthy snacks with you to nosh on when you feel tempted.

Shedding extra pounds helps you lower blood sugar levels and ward off health problems such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Basic lifestyle changes make it easier to lose weight when you have diabetes.

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