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At age 51, I began to notice my vision was diminishing so I went to the eye doctor and got fitted for glasses fro the first time in my life. After a few more years I noticed again changes in vision but my prescription had not changed greatly so he recommended I see a specialist because he thought i had Diabetic Retinitis. The retina specialist who I was very nervous to go see diagnosed it. However on the way to his office I joked with my wife wouldn’t it be a shame if he had been graduate of Michigan since I being a die hard Buckeye fan could not bear that thought.

Guess what? He was a maize and blue grad but we had a great time together on my visits discussing football. I had 5 laser surgeries to correct the bleeding capillaries. Last year I had another nervous adventure when it came time to renew my drivers license, having doubts I could pass the eye exam but I did.
When my medical doctor suggested I start testing my blood sugar daily I said I can’t prick myself, but its been almost 2 years now and its easy. I must credit all these medical professionals, my wife and God for making this bump in the road easier to traverse.

My recommendation to all reading this is to make sure you and your family and friends watch diet, and exercise so not to be in the position I find myself diminishing vision. Maybe the picture isn’t as clear as I would like but with the help of these people and your products life is still good.


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