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When I was diagnosed with type two diabetes I was faced with some major obstructions. I didn’t even know what type 2 diabetes was. Immediately the doctor started the education process. He ran blood tests and recommended a glucose monitor and prescribed medication.

I decided that I needed to learn quickly. I went out on line to the government information site and down loaded hundreds of pages of information on diabetes that the government had compiled. I read about it for hours and hours. the results were care for diet, exercise, support team and anything else you can think of. As I learned more about diet, we started eating much smarter and about six times a day. My wife put herself on the same diet.

As it turns out, doctors have determined that a diabetes type diet is good for everyone. We grew up with direction from our parents that we needed three square meals a day. as it turns out, we need six small meals that are very well thought out. After a year or so of education on diets and tweeking weekly, I was able to get off pills and still maintain a balanced blood sugar level. I was able to maintain good blood levels with exercise and diet for about 7 years. For the past 8 years or so I have been back on pills. The pills are still the same dosage as they were the first day I went back on them. I realize that I am very lucky so far.

I think some issues that people are met with is learning the terminology of all kinds of things on food labels because a few times along the way I got blindsided. Thinking that this or that was not a problem and it turned out to be.

I understand there are many levels of diabetes, depending on your body size and your genes etc. Diabetes seems to react differently on people who seem to be doing all the right things. This is why it is such a deadly issue to deal with.

My doctor is also a diabetic. I remember in the beginning I walked into the doctors office and said, “I think I have this diabetic thing figured out.” He said that was wonderful because there were millions of people waiting to hear it. Well I proceeded by say that if you are an alcoholic but you no longer drink, you are still an alcoholic but your body is never in an alcoholic state so if you are a diabetic and always keep your blood level in the normal range, you will always be a diabetic but your body will never be in a diabetic state.

He quickly informed me that unlike being an alcoholic things are going on behind the scene when you are a diabetic. I have since learned that it is an uphill battle and you are not going to magically wake up and have it gone.

Lesson. Keep fighting and never give up. In many cases you can have a relatively normal life with diabetes once you have learned to deal with it.

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