Repeated Sugar-Spikes Damage Your Arteries

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Heart disease stems from damage of the arteries, which eventually affect the heart. There is a common myth that high levels of fat in the blood cause cholesterol to begin to stick to the walls of the arteries. However, without arterial wall damage, cholesterol cannot begin to form a “plaque”, no matter how high your blood lipids may be.

Every time your blood sugar spikes, it is causing an inflammatory response that damages the lining “wall” of your arteries. LDL particles become trapped behind the damaged lining, causing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Atherosclerosis is the number one cause of heart disease and stroke.[1] In this stage, plaque continues to build until it ultimately ruptures through the artery wall, forming a clot, which blocks the circulation. This represents a heart attack.

People with pre-diabetes or diabetes can have normal fasting readings yet blood sugars can spike after improper eating.

If you have diabetes or even pre-diabetes, you already know that every time you eat too many carbohydrates at one time you are spiking your blood sugar levels. But what about people who do not know they have pre-diabetes or diabetes and who are told by the doctor that their fasting glucose levels are within a normal range? These people probably don’t give that pie ala mode a second thought. What they don’t realize is that every day, after a meal they are probably experiencing artery-damaging sugar spikes that far exceed the normal range. Scientific research shows that after-meal spikes in blood sugar are potentially damaging. They not only lead to diabetes and heart disease, but also eye disease, blindness, kidney disease and nerve disease. Studies show that controlling after-meal spikes in blood sugar can help reduce cardiovascular risk.[2][3][4]

If you are not keeping your diet in check, you will be more prone to sugar spikes. Diachieve Sugar Defense can help reduce after meal spikes while curbing your sugar cravings. It’s a great product that can help anyone maintain normal blood sugar levels all day long.

Another product we recommend to help you maintain healthy arteries is Diachieve Omega-3. It can help reduce inflammation caused by high blood sugar, reduce triglycerides in the blood and help you maintain healthy blood pressure.

NOTE: Consult your Doctor first to make sure my recommendations fit your special health needs.

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