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May 5, 2016

Pet Treats, Pet Insulin Injection Timing and Dr. Joi’s Thoughts

By Dr . Joi Sutton|2018-09-07T15:27:48-04:00Updated: May 5th, 2016|Pet Care, Pet Diabetes, Pet Diet & Nutrition, Pet Newsletter|3 Comments

I always get excited when I get emails from people with a diabetic pet because it allows me the chance to help them as well as use their questions to help pass helpful information along to the ADW newsletter readers too. Just in the last week I received emails about the timing of the insulin injection […]

Oct 8, 2015

Ask Dr. Joi – Probiotics

By Dr . Joi Sutton|2019-08-21T13:09:06-04:00Updated: October 8th, 2015|Pet Care, Pet Diet & Nutrition, Pet Newsletter|1 Comment

Question: My vet put my diabetic dog on probiotic. Should my other dog also be on probiotic?

This may be a long answer! In general, probiotics are safe and do some amazing things in our bodies. There are several situations where we know that probiotics speed recovery and promote health in dogs and cats, but more studies […]

Jan 22, 2015

Things That Can Affect Blood Glucose in Pets

By Dr . Joi Sutton|2022-06-20T18:59:48-04:00Updated: January 22nd, 2015|Pet Care, Pet Diabetes, Pet Diet & Nutrition, Pet Newsletter|14 Comments

You've studied the disease. You've purchased a glucose meter. You altered your schedule to ensure someone is home every 12 hours to give your diabetic pet insulin. And you run periodic glucose curves. A surprising perception of some diabetic pet owners is that the pet's blood glucose is the same day to day.

Nov 13, 2014

Medication, Insulin & the Best Diabetic Dog Foods?

By Dr . Joi Sutton|2018-01-26T13:19:57-05:00Updated: November 13th, 2014|Pet Care, Pet Diabetes, Pet Diet & Nutrition, Pet Newsletter|2 Comments

This week I received a question for a reader asking what medications can affect insulin and glucose regulation. Heaven knows I harp at you all about avoiding steroids in diabetic pets often enough, but are there other medications that can derail a diabetic? Nothing came to mind, but I figured I’d investigate.


Nov 6, 2014

What to Do With Conflicting Medical Advice?

By Dr . Joi Sutton|2017-11-29T11:37:28-05:00Updated: November 6th, 2014|Pet Care, Pet Diabetes, Pet Diet & Nutrition, Pet Newsletter|8 Comments

This week one of our readers wrote in that she recently moved and is now using a multi-doctor practice in her new town. She said her prior vet’s humorous yet brief advice regarding diet was, “Don’t feed donuts” to her diabetic dog. At her new hospital they were strongly advising her to change to a prescription […]

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