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I have been on the insulin pump for two years now.

When I first went on the pump, I had a great job with pretty good insurance.

After four months I lost that job and found myself without insurance.

I had enough pump supplies to last for a while, but knew that I needed a job quick.

I found a job after a month, and I thought things were going well. After accepting the position, I was informed that the insurance would start after 6 months.

I went to my doctor and told him of my situation and he was able to supply me with some insulin and my pump doctor was able to supply me with some infusion sets.

I finally found this web site and was able to buy my infusion sets myself, but still needed help with my insulin.

I was daily praying for guidance for what to do. My insurance at work required me to pay $2,500 dollars a year before they would pay one cent, and there was no way I could afford that.

I finally got my prayers answered when I started to feel that God was leading me to California. so I packed up everything and moved.

I have only been out here one month now, but I have run out of my supplies. with no doctor available to me out here.

I am not sure right now where I am going to get help.

I have prayed daily and know that God will supply me with what I need. I just have to wait.

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