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My mother was the first to get diabetes 17 years ago, then my father, we just knew one year before. He died young (67) by a heart atack two years ago. The tragedy hit home…My father and I were very close, he loved my children, he spent most of his time at our house. I’ve terribly missed him since he has gone!

My mother was depressed, and in a short time, my grandfather died, at 86, just 3 weeks later than my father…terrible days for My grandmother since then…The entire family worked as a big loving team…nothing was enough…I spent months taking care of my lovely mother, I don´t want to lose her..

I was spending long time in the hospital, showing her how to do this, and a moment, it looked like if there had been a long time out of home, in some way, I was not there for my kids, my husband and my house, there were no more plants and flowers there, even my little birds died, because I had no time to care of them. Friends? I had no friends.

My small world was the hospital, my house at night, taking care of my mother, her medications, etc. Sometimes, I was afraid of opening my eyes and see my reality…Always tired, always in bad humor. My life was a disaster! I cried a lot, that was a nigthmare…

For the first time, the entire family cooperated helping me.. but soon, they got back to their own lives…I tried to re-organize my life, my family, my mother and my part-time job.

We attended the diabetic meeting club at the hospital. My mother refused to go! Then, my son had the idea of meeting with other diabetics persons AT HOME. As if we were having a neighbor’s meeting. Since then, we meet weekly, and we are about 20 persons, like a big, big family! We have special guests: my mother’s doctor, social workers, nurses. They give us educational conferences. We share information about our disease, and we are learning to live with it. Our goal, in buying at a diabetes store online, it is save money on our diabetic supplies. We make events, for getting money to help buy a glucose meter for each person in our diabetes group.

We have lost some friends. They are not physically here anymore, but we remember them everyday. We feel sorrow. When we think we can’t do enything else, there is someone ready to listen you, as a very good and close friend.

My life has changed, I’m not a diabetic, but I was overweight and showing signs of pre-diabetes. Now I have lost weight and feel healthier than before. We changed our food habits.

We care about each other health, because we know that attention, love, companion, are good for everyone who feels alone with diabetes. Having a friend or a loving one near you, makes you feel that you are very important and not someone that it doesn’t do anything. Sorry about my english…hope you understand …

By Sharis V

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