Mouth Care – The Basics

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Proper mouth care is essential for people with diabetes to maintain good health. Gum disease, tooth decay and dry mouth cause other health problems. Increased blood sugar, cardiac risk and other serious health conditions are associated with poor oral care. Regular oral care reduces the risk of other health problems and may decrease insulin needs.

  • Increased blood sugar causes tooth decay and inflammation. Blood sugar levels and dental problems are all connected. Decreasing blood sugar and eliminating periodontal disease go hand-in-hand.
  • Gum inflammation raises C-reactive protein. This increases cardiac risk including heart disease and stroke. Oral bacteria has been found in the plaque blocking arteries. Treating gum disease reduces inflammation and improves circulation.
  • Recent studies at the University of Manitoba-Canada show treating gum disease decreases inflammation and may even decrease insulin needs.
  • Studies further reveal data showing a direct connection between oral inflammation and systemic inflammation in the body. Proper mouth care reduces inflammation and the possibility of heart disease.
  • Infected gums and inflammation make is harder for people with diabetes to control blood sugar levels. High blood sugar accelerates gum disease and tooth decay. This causes additional oral problems and increases inflammation.
  • Signs of uncontrolled diabetes are visible in the mouth. Gums are shiny where they meet teeth and bleed easily. Dentists help identify people with out-of-control diabetes.
  • Saliva carries the bacteria from tooth decay and gum disease into the system. Each time the person swallows, this disease attacks the system and puts the person at risk for additional health problems.
  • A pasty dry mouth is one of the problems caused by diabetes. Other dry mouth culprits are anti-hypertensives, anti-inflammatories and calcium channel blockers. Dry mouth leads to gum inflammation and tooth decay.
  • Saliva is protective, making dry mouth more than an uncomfortable condition. Ending dry mouth reduces the possibility of inflammation, tooth decay and other related health problems.
  • Biotene products are a simple way to eliminate the problems associated with dry mouth. Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash maintain proper oral care. Biotene dry mouth spray or Biotene sugar-free chewing gum addresses dry mouth problems on-the-go.
  • Proper dental care is important for everyone. Dentists detect signs of diabetes in patients who may not know they have the condition. Early detection makes it easier to avoid additional health problems.

People with diabetes should visit a dentist regularly. Proper mouth care minimizes the possibility of serious health problems and may even reduce the need for insulin.

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