Morgan’s Story

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It’s hard to believe that Morgan, age 12, was diagnosed with juvenile (Type 1) diabetes a little more than 3 years ago. The initial shock of her diagnosis has subsided, but there are times that it all seems surreal.

Morgan has adjusted to her new life with diabetes, much better than her father and I could have imagined. As parents, we are very proud of her positive attitude and maturity in taking care of herself.

Last summer, she went on the insulin pump, which is a device (about the size of a pager) that dispenses insulin in small increments all day long through a catheter that’s implanted under her skin. (Yes, all day – she even sleeps with it attached and only takes it off to bathe and swim.)

Because of the pump, Morgan only has to take one shot every 3 days, rather than the 3 to 4 daily injections she had to take prior. Morgan still endures an average of 8 finger pricks every day to check her blood sugar. Since her diagnosis, she’s had to endure more than 8,800 needle pricks.

Our family has decided not to let diabetes get the best of Morgan. Since her diagnosis, we’ve fought this disease every step of the way and we will not rest until a cure is found.

As a family, each year we partner with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) by participating in their annual Walk to Cure Diabetes. With close to 3,000 other people who also take part in this local event, we know that there are many others in this fight as well.

Morgan stays encouraged that a cure will come in her lifetime. As a family, we feel that there is no other option but to keep this level of optimism and do all we can to move things along.

There are so many smart and dedicated researchers and scientists working to find a cure. And, until a cure is realized, science is making it easier for Morgan and others with diabetes to live longer and healthier lives. Forty years ago, there was no insulin pump or various forms of insulin or glucose meters, or the knowledge that carb counting could make the difference in maintaining good blood sugar numbers. Science has brought us to this place and science will take us to our ultimate destination – A CURE!

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