Miss Parkie’s Tale

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one of my puppies was having difficulty standing up so i took her to the vet. several tests and hundreds of dollars later she was diagnosed with diabetes. i took her to the vet early on so many mornings, for her to be tested all day to determine her dosage, that i can’t count them. in 1980, i was a passenger in a car when the driver lost control and we flipped over twice and my neck was broken.

i’m a right hemiplegic which means i have the use of the left side of my body. learning to give my precious pup her insulin was quite an adventure. she has since lost her sight due to cataracts. she’s such a trooper she slams into so many things trying to run with “her pack”. i keep little pathways for her so she doesn’t get behind the furniture and panic. im using a holistic vet and she’s on herbs and nutritional supplements, laser, infrared and chiropractic treatments. she’s normalized…not drinking so much water and also not sleeping constantly…it’s so gratifying. everyday i’m so very happy to have her in my life. incidently, i named her after my baby brother, who passed away, just months before i got her, from complications from his broken neck which happened while he was a passenger in a car, 7 years after my accident.

thank you for reading my story. namaste….marcia p., payson, az.

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