Low Sugar Smoothies – A Summer Treat with Diabetes

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Signs promoting ice cream shops and the ringing bells of the local ice cream truck can become a summertime temptation for people with diabetes. Avoid blood sugar fluctuation associated with sugary snacks and give yourself a healthy treat instead. Discover tasty low sugar smoothies made at home that can help eliminate your cravings for the wrong foods.

  • The summer heat makes people want a cold and sweet treat. Ice cream, ices and frozen yogurt can all be high in sugar and fat. Eating too much sugar can cause blood sugar fluctuations, and even dehydration, in the heat. Eating fatty foods can cause weight gain, a problem associated with diabetes that can lead to heart disease, stroke and other health issues. Low sugar smoothies are a way to beat the heat and satisfy your cravings without all the guilt.
  • In the summer, you often crave snacks when you really need fluids to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and stay away from sugary beverages, including milkshakes, sports drinks, sweet tea, fruit juice, lemonade and regular soda. Test your blood sugar regularly. Indulge yourself with a low sugar smoothie that won’t upset your blood sugar control.
  • Some fruits contain antioxidants and are even associated with improving blood sugar control in people with diabetes. Most of them are rich in essential nutrients. Choose fruits such as berries, apples, bananas and grapes. Any fruit can be added to a smoothie as long as it does not exceed 1-2 serving sizes which is a carbohydrate. If using milk then only one cup or one serving size of fruit should be used. Choose water, unsweetened almond, soy or cashew milk or protein powder for your smoothies and add one cup of the actual fruits. Make sure to have a blender on-hand to whip up smoothies at home. Consider buying a personal, single-sized blender to make preparation and clean-up easier.
  • A berry smoothie is a refreshing option with the sweet taste you’ll love. Fill your blender with a cupful of strawberries and blueberries then add a cup of low-fat raspberry yogurt. This creamy delight is a great way to start your day or give you boost in the afternoon. It contains two servings of carbohydrates.
  • Try adding a banana with a dash of ground nuts to your raspberry smoothie. The rich texture and flavor is sure to keep you coming back for more.
  • Summer is a season when people love to eat fresh peaches. Bring it to another level by mixing low-fat peach yogurt with slices of fresh peaches in your blender for a sweet and peachy treat with a summertime taste.
  • Celebrate summer with an orange delight that includes lots of vegetables. Make a smoothie with fresh kale, cucumbers, celery and spinach along with shredded carrots to give you an energy boost on those lazy days when you feel like you can’t beat the heat.
  • Add ice cubes to any smoothie for a frothy, ice cream feeling without all the calories, sugar and fat. Freeze your smoothies to transform them into ice pops. You can use a regular ice cube tray with toothpicks or purchase a special ice pop tray for just a few dollars at any home goods store.
  • Get creative with your smoothies. Top them off with unexpected garnishes such as parsley. Add unique and healthy ingredients such as tomatoes, oatmeal, avocado and almonds. Get daring and you are sure to find a few favorites to quench summer cravings.
  • When you are at the beach or strolling along at a sidewalk festival, you might not be able to make a smoothie. Help yourself to avoid the temptation of ice cream and other traditional summer sweets by keeping some sugar free candy in your pocket, car or handbag. Pop one in your mouth and feel the cravings pass you by. Commercially made smoothies may have hidden ingredients with large portions which will increase blood sugars.

Summer is here along with a whole new season of temptations. While a modest helping of an occasional treat is fine, it can become easy to get carried away. Lose cravings and boost your well-being with low sugar smoothies that everyone is sure to enjoy.

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