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Running around, being captain of the varsity team, and being a crazy, life-lovin’ high school junior came to a sudden halt one morning. It was my fifth or sixth time missing school in the span of a couple of weeks. My mom, being equally as energetic in nature was really distressed over my state. She thought I was depressed. I was in bed and couldn’t get up. “I’m just too tired,” I repeated over and over. She actually contemplated painting my room yellow, as she thought this would lighten my spirits and get me out of bed. Thank God the next morning when I repeated that I could not muster up the energy to go to school, she took me right to a local urgent care. (My room remained blue.)

After weeks of taking medicine whose side effects included sleepiness, moodiness, and extreme thirst, me and my mom concluded that these symptoms were more extreme than any medicine should ever cause. Throwing some sweat pants on that hung off my hips like a hanger, and an oversized hoodie, I reluctantly went to the doctor. I sat on the examiner’s table and as soon as the doctor checked my blood sugar, she shrieked. I was rushed to the ER, and from that day on my life would never be the same. A blessing in disguise. I would learn how to adjust my life around this strange disease, and even though I have had many sick days since and still struggle with control, I am optimistic that something great will come of this. Just having graduated from college this year, I plan to write, live and work with everything diabetes. I want to be a part of the cure and feel hopeful that a cure is on the way!

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