Interesting Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

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People with diabetes have an increased tendency to feel tired and fatigued. Fortunately, there are ways to fight these feelings and become more energized. Discover a few interesting ways to boost your metabolism and get the energy you want to fuel your day.

  • Boosting your metabolism can help you burn calories quicker to reach your weight loss goals and better manage diabetes. The right selection of healthy foods can also help you control your blood sugar. Boost your metabolic rate by eating whole grains and oatmeal. Complex carbohydrates naturally boost your metabolism by slowing down the release of insulin that helps to control your blood sugar.
  • The foods you choose can make a difference. Recent studies showed people who consumed 3 to 4 servings of dairy products daily lost more weight than those with a low or no dairy intake. Choose low fat yogurt, regular or Greek yogurt and low fat milk to get calcium and energy-boosting dairy products in your daily diet.
  • Sip green tea and coffee to get a quick metabolic boost. Green tea contains EGCG, one of the main ingredients that boosts your metabolism and may help in weight loss. Both green tea and coffee contain caffeine to speed up your heart rate and increase your metabolism. Limit your intake to avoid raising your blood pressure. Use a blood pressure cuff to make sure it stays within the target range defined by your health care practitioner.
  • Vegetables are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals. Many vegetables are low calorie yet make you feel satisfied and full. Spinach contains the mineral magnesium to boost your body’s fat burning process as well as potassium to keep your body’s cells hydrated. Broccoli is also a great metabolism booster food.
  • Nibble on snacks that contain vitamin C to boost your immune system, such as oranges and grapefruits. Adding hot peppers to your meals naturally boosts your metabolism because they have a thermogenic property that heats up your body. Your metabolism increases and you burn calories as your body works to cool down. Try hot and tasty peppers such as cayenne, jalapeno and habanero.
  • Lean foods with protein are great metabolism boosting foods. It takes more effort to digest protein than it does to digest fat or carbohydrates. Your body works harder to digest the protein and burns more calories. Choose lean proteins such as chicken, turkey, beef and certain fish such as tuna and salmon that also contain Omega 3 fatty acids. Studies have revealed Omega 3 fatty acids can alter the hormone leptin found in your body. Leptin can have an affect on your weight.
  • Beyond choosing the right foods, there are other interesting ways to boost your metabolism. The way you eat also makes a difference in how your metabolism works. Do not skip meals or eat too little. This can cause blood sugar spikes and lower your metabolism by 5 percent. This is enough to cause weight gain of 1 pound every 1.5 months. Make sure to fit three well-balanced meals and two or three snacks into your day. Always eat breakfast as skipping this morning meal can slow your metabolism and cause you to overeat the rest of the day.
  • Boost your metabolism by getting more aerobic exercise. Try to work out at least 30 minutes, 5 times a week. If you are about to work out up to 60 minutes each day, you can really give your metabolism a boost. Try exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling and aerobics classes. Also perform exercises to increase your muscle mass, such as circuit training, resistance-based training and weight-lifting. Keep moving throughout the day. Fidget while you work on the computer or watch television. Jiggle your feet, rock back and forth and include leg or arm lifts or circles to fit more physical activity into your day.
  • Make sure to get enough sleep every night. A lack of sleep affects the hormones involved in metabolism and can cause your body to store more fat. Try to fit in eight hours of sleep each day to boost your metabolism.

These interesting ways to boost your metabolism are easy to fit into your regular daily routine. Boosting your metabolism helps you get more energy, burn more calories and maintain a healthier weight. From eating the right foods to exercising daily, there are simple ways to get energized and achieve better overall health.

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