Holiday Gift Suggestions

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Holiday Gift Suggestions

I don’t know what’s on your holiday wish list, but I do know one thing that everyone wants, and that’s good health. Of course good health is not something you can give, or even buy, but there are lots of things you can give (or put on your own wish list), that can help you or those you care for to live a healthier lifestyle.

Fortunately, when it comes to gift-giving option that offer both good health and great taste – there are lots of options:

For the Cook

  • A slow cooker. Wonderful for cooking up healthy soups, stews and tenderizing lean meats. Accompany it with any one of the many slow cooker cookbooks on the market which often feature reduced calorie, reduced-carb and diabetes-friendly recipes.
  • A good kitchen scale. The EatSmart Nutrition Scale is an excellent choice. It not only easily and accurately weighs food to help everyone with portion control, it calculates the nutrition content (including calories, fat, and carbs) of the food it weighs.
  • A great everyday non-stick pan. For everything from scrambled eggs (with veggies of course) to nightly sautés, a non-stick pan is essential for healthy reduced fat cooking. Pair it with one of the a brightly colored high-heat silicone spatula.

For The Baker

  • Silicone bake wear. Beyond the fun fancy colors, silicone bake wear offers several “healthy” advantages. Silicone bake wear requires no greasing, cooks evenly, and can go straight from the oven-to-table-to-freezer. This means healthy home-cooked batches of baked goods (such as muffins or portioned cakes), can be cooled, wrapped and popped right into the freezer for easy-to-thaw single portions.
  • Create a bakers basket. Fill a basket of your choice with a small cake or muffin pan, a wooden spoon or two, a bag or box of Splenda, and a copy of Unbelievable Desserts with Splenda.
  • A microplane zester or grater. Nothing beats a microplane zester or grater for sharpness! Use these to make lemon or orange zest – two of my favorite ingredients in healthy baking and cooking recipes. Nothing beats fat better than great flavor!

Great Taste For Everyone

  • Think beyond cookies and candy for food gifts. Gifts of spices, wonderful olive oils, aged balsamic vinegars, nuts or homemade “better-for-you” treats always stand out.
  • Make a great baskets. You’ll find something tasty or useful for anyone watching their health. See Thoughtful Gifts for People with Diabetes.
  • Marlene Koch’s Sensational Splenda Recipes offers over 375 recipes that deliver good health and great taste anytime of year. One example is my Sweet Cherry Topping which is perfect this time of year.

Happy Healthy Holiday to you and yours!

Contributed By: Marlene Koch

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