How to Get Diabetes

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How to get Diabetes

While I am sure that there are many people out there who have done what I have done. And still have not developed Diabetes, this is how I did it, so it can serve perhaps as a guide to those who don’t know. I sincerely hope that, if it is to be used for any purpose, that it would be used to AVOID developing Diabetes!

At the age of forty-five, I had let my physical condition deteriorate to the point that I really could no longer do a lot of the physical things that I had been able to do all of my life. I was considerably overweight (60-70 pounds) and smoked two or more packs of Camel’s a day. I did no regular exercise, and my diet certainly would never have been approved by a registered dietician.

I had been feeling poorly for about a week (this in the middle of the flu season) so I called to get an appointment with my family doctor. I met with the doctor, and he diagnosed the flu. No surprise. But this particular doctor was the old-style family doctor, who always spent a few minutes (or more, if needed) just talking to his patients and inquiring about the entire family, and careers, and life in general. In the course of our conversation, I mentioned that I had recently noticed that I was always thirsty, and spent a lot of time running to the bathroom.

He immediately asked for a urine specimen, which I produced. He had his nurse test the urine, and the result was that I appeared to have Diabetes. He put me on an oral medication to reduce my blood sugar and asked that I stop by frequently to get my blood tested. And I did.

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