Five Reasonable Breakfasts

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Eating three meals and small snacks throughout the day is essential when you have diabetes. Skipping breakfast or eating the wrong foods can cause fluctuating blood sugar levels. Consider 5 reasonable and simple breakfast ideas for someone with diabetes.

  • Don’t stop for fatty breakfast selections at a deli or fast food restaurant. Skip the dough-nuts in the break room at work. Wake up ten minutes early to ensure you get a healthy breakfast to start each day. It is important to watch your blood sugar levels and fat intake when you have diabetes.
  • Getting the right type of insoluble fiber helps you maintain proper blood sugar levels. Oatmeal is a great breakfast for someone with diabetes. One and a half servings of slow-cooking or one-minute oats are fast, easy and offer the satisfaction you need to ward off morning hunger. Top off oatmeal with a half cup of blueberries, ½ of a banana or other fruit to make it more flavorful. You can also add a few chopped almonds or walnuts for crunch. Add a spice like cinnamon.
  • Sink your teeth into a vegetable omelet in the morning. If you are concerned about cholesterol, use two egg whites rather than a whole egg. Add skin milk, mushrooms, red peppers, tomatoes, onions and other vegetables of your choice. Sauté the omelet in olive oil spray rather than butter for a low-fat breakfast filled with antioxidants and protein. Add a slice of whole grain toast and top it off with the vegetable omelet.
  • If you’re short on time, have a cup of Greek yogurt with a half cup of fresh fruit. Add strawberries, fresh pineapple or banana to give it a sweet taste. Greek yogurt offers calcium and protein as well as probiotics to keep your digestive tract healthy. You can also add two tablespoons of low sugar- low fat cereal that adds a dose of crunch, fiber and antioxidants. As an alternative, mix up the fruit and yogurt with ice and a teaspoon of wheat germ in the blender for a smoothie on-the-run.
  • Forget about the fast food joint or dough-nut shop around the corner. If you have absolutely no time to waste, grab a handful of raw almonds and fruit. Select a low-glycemic index fruit such as an apple, peach, orange or berries. The nuts will decrease your hunger and the fruit gives you a tasty surge of fiber without making your blood sugar soar. Consider a low sugar cereal /nut bar just to get your day started with a glass of fat free milk.
  • Buckwheat pancakes with blueberries are chock full of fiber and antioxidants. They are also a decadent breakfast treat when served with tasty sugar-free syrup. While this menu selection takes a bit longer to make, it is an ideal way to eat on weekends or a day off.
  • Avoid sugar-laden fruit juices and multiple high caffeine beverages with sugar in the morning. Instead get a health-conscious jolt from a cup of skim milk with calcium and protein. Another yummy choice is a cup of low-sodium vegetable juice filled with fiber, nutrients and antioxidants.
  • When you make breakfast, use olive oil, cooking sprays or nonstick pans to fry eggs and pancakes rather than butter. If you drink a cup of coffee in the morning, use a sugar substitute and 2 percent milk instead of sugar and half and half. Select lean meats such as turkey sausage or turkey bacon. Steer clear of sweets and fats. Have dairy, fruit, protein and non-starchy vegetables instead.

Much like your mother used to say, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Whether you have five minutes or a half hour, there are healthy breakfast choices to start your day on the right note. People with diabetes need to eat a good breakfast to avoid blood sugar dips and spikes throughout the day.

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