As a diabetes educator, I have long been a fan of the Extend Nutrition product line-up. Patients frequently have commented about their yummy taste, reasonable price and ability to keep them less hungry with good blood glucose control for hours. Formerly known as Extend Snacks, these low-glycemic products have been created to help maintain steady glucose levels for people with diabetes for an extended period of time.

The mission at Extend Nutrition is to “reverse the perception that convenient foods are unhealthy by nature.” They stand behind all of their products and were originally formulated by a physician for her patients with diabetes. The product lines are gluten free, high in protein, high in fiber, use resistance starch to maintain blood sugars and are low in net carbohydrates while offering balanced nutrition and long lasting energy. They taste amazing and are not only enjoyed by people with diabetes but by people that also have weight management goals or those who just want a convenient, great-tasting, and portable snack.

Best of all, Extend Nutrition products are packed in single serving sizes!! With Extend Snacks you don’t have to worry about the guilt that comes with eating a full bag of chips or a whole granola or candy bar. Extend bars, crisps, and drizzles are packed in just the right serving size to get you through the day or night! Whether you’re taking your Extend Nutrition snacks to school, to work, or just with you while you’re out and about, these great treats are a sure way to satisfy your hunger. An Extend bar or any other Extend nutrition product can also prevent night time and early morning hypoglycemia when used as a bedtime snack.

NOTE: Consult your doctor first to make sure my recommendations fit your special health needs.