It’s a Dog with Diabetes Life

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Diabetes is a familiar word in our family history. Every generation for the past four, has someone with the disease, so the signs and symptoms have been recognized and memorized for years.

When our dog of 8 1/2 years began excessively drinking water and urinating more than usual, we feared the news to come. I took him to our local vet and believe this or not, on the glucose meter his glucose registered at 599 and weighed 42 lbs. (yeah overweight for a fiest but we do live in South Mississippi you know where obesity seems to reign.). Anyway he was hospitalized and began to get vetsulin twice a day. It took almost a month to get his insulin regulated, but as of today he is getting 10 units of vetsulin twice a day, and his blood sugar is around 100.

About a month ago we noticed his eyes were getting a little cloudy. Another trip to the vet and we were given the news he was going blind due to cataracts. The good news about a dog going blind is that they realize their eyesight is going and they begin to memorize their surroundings. If you didn’t know it, you would say he sees just fine !!!

I tell you all this to let people know diabetes affects everyone, but I don’t think it is a silent killer. We have signs to let us know things aren’t just fine and if we pay attention to those signs we can defeat diabetes. I am by no means a great writer, but I can be a spokesperson for diabetes. Keep informed and know the signs and symptoms. As Porkie our dog would say, “It would be a DOG GONE shame to let Diabetes win!”

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