How I Was Diagnosed a Diabetic

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I really notice I had diabetes in 2004, because I frequently visited the rest room and got thirsty equally. Being in My country Liberia, at the time of the war, were medical infrastructures and the national economy have been completely shattered, receiving medical attention on your own was very expensive. Those which were blessed with access to NGO’s operated clinics, were treated for little or nothing. The category of patients targeted were the elderly, pregnant women, the Critically ill and children respectively.

My financial situation was so bad that i could not visit the doctor for check up; just about this time I was preparing to travel to the united states, and I knew that if i had no chance of checking on health in Liberia, at least i could have some opportunity in the United States.

When I arrived in the USA–like any other average person just entering into the US–I had several challenges to over come. One of which of course was financial. In the U.S. you will need to have cash in the bank or in your wallet or better stay you will need insurance for doctor visit; and I never had any of these.

Unfortunately for me due to my lack of knowledge of being diabetic, I had no diet control or in take of starch or sugar content; as time when by the rate at which I was going into the bath room was increasing on a daily basis, at I practically urinated on myself before reaching the bath room.

The break came when I had to take my exam for driver permit which required taking physical exam. When the exam was conducted, it was discovered that I had diabetes at the level of 500% (this, no doubt was an imminent death).

This is how I came to know that I was diabetic.

The clinic that diagnosed me as a diabetic was equally carrying a test for a new diabetes drug, I was contacted and told that if my blood condition was not too high I would be accepted for the test. After my blood work result came, I was found ineligible for the the new program on the grounds that my blood sugar was too high, that I needed treatment.

I applied for a government insurance, which I used for about one and a half years until it was expire. During this time I was assigned to a doctor who guided me to lowering my blood sugar 196-99%. Recently my family applied for life insurance after my blood test, I was rejected again.

This is my diabetes story.

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