Everywhere you turn, it seems that there is a lot of bad news regarding the economy. Many people have been affected by the downturn, and are facing financial difficulties, which can in turn affect their health. People with diabetes are especially vulnerable to economic hardships, as losing your job, health care insurance or simply facing high deductibles can negatively affect diabetes self-management routine.

If you find that you are having a difficult time keeping up with proper diabetic self management due to financial hardship, then our new offer for free diabetic supplies may be of interest to you. When you enroll in Diabetic Coverage, our discount diabetic supply auto-order program, we will send you the new Home Diagnostic TRUEbalance blood glucose monitor and a box of 50 TRUE balance glucose test strips for the shipping charge of $3.95 – that’s a savings of over $40 (retail pricing)!

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ADW Diabetes

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